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Dalle Donne Istologia 13.pdf

Dalle Donne Istologia 13.pdf: A Review of the Book by Isabella Dalle Donne

Istologia is a book written by Isabella Dalle Donne, a professor of histology at the University of Bologna. The book was published by Edises in 2019 and has 670 pages. It covers the basic principles of cell and tissue organization and function, with a focus on the morphological, molecular and functional aspects of the cell and its organelles and animal tissues. The book also provides a rich iconography of structures and ultrastructures, as well as a glossary of terms and a bibliography.

In this article, I will review the main features of the book, its strengths and weaknesses, and its suitability for students and teachers of histology.


Main features of the book

The book is divided into two parts: cytology and histology. The first part covers the general aspects of cell biology, such as cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, cell cycle, apoptosis, cell differentiation and stem cells. The second part deals with the four basic types of animal tissues: epithelial, connective, muscular and nervous. Each chapter follows a similar structure: introduction, objectives, summary, text, figures, tables, self-assessment questions and answers.

The book is written in a clear and concise language, with a logical and rational presentation of the topics. The author uses examples and analogies to explain complex concepts and to highlight the connections between different levels of organization. The book also emphasizes the clinical relevance of histology, by providing examples of diseases and disorders related to cell and tissue alterations.

The book is richly illustrated with high-quality images that show the structures and ultrastructures of cells and tissues at different magnifications. The images are accompanied by captions that explain the main features and functions of each component. The book also uses color codes to distinguish different types of cells and tissues, as well as different staining techniques.

Strengths and weaknesses of the book

One of the main strengths of the book is its comprehensive and updated coverage of cell and tissue biology. The book reflects the current state of knowledge in the field, incorporating recent discoveries and advances in molecular biology, genetics, immunology and biotechnology. The book also covers topics that are often neglected or superficially treated in other textbooks, such as stem cells, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and nanomedicine.

Another strength of the book is its pedagogical approach. The book is designed to facilitate learning and understanding of histology, by providing clear objectives, summaries, self-assessment questions and answers for each chapter. The book also offers online resources for students and teachers, such as interactive quizzes, animations, videos and slides.

A possible weakness of the book is its length and depth. The book is very detailed and thorough, which may be overwhelming for some readers who are looking for a more concise and simplified introduction to histology. The book may also require some prior knowledge of basic biology and chemistry, which may not be available for all students.

Suitability for students and teachers of histology

The book is suitable for students who are studying histology at an undergraduate or graduate level. The book provides a solid foundation for understanding the structure and function of cells and tissues in health and disease. The book also prepares students for further studies in related fields, such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and biotechnology.

The book is also suitable for teachers who are teaching histology at an academic or professional level. The book offers a comprehensive and updated source of information for preparing lectures, seminars, workshops and exams. The book also provides online resources that can be used to enhance teaching methods and outcomes.


Dalle Donne Istologia 13.pdf is a book written by Isabella Dalle Donne that covers the basic principles of cell and tissue organization and function. The book is comprehensive, updated, clear, logical, rational, illustrative and pedagogical. The book is suitable for students and teachers who are interested in learning or teaching histology at an advanced level.

If you want to read more about the book or buy it online, you can visit [this link].


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